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Today we will discuss network marketing success story. Network marketing is a big strategy to involve youth in this policy. It is not an easy process but you can also achieve success in your life by hardworking and dedication. You have to stick to your goal and task. So, gradually this field will also give you the possibility of becoming a winner. Some of those are mentioned below:

Sarah Robbins:

Sarah Robbins is a great successful woman in the network marketing success story field. In her early life, she was a school teacher. Besides this job, she has been joined to a network business company for earning a little bit more. In this job, she has to sell Rodan and field products. But she doesn’t hesitate and started selling this product. Within the six months, she has started earning more than his teaching job and became successful in network marketing. Then she became a consultant of the brand of Rodan and Field product.

Ray Higton

Ray Higton has a great story in his life. In the year of 2008, a massive crush occurs in the US, in this crush he had lost everything like his earnings, his property, and all the things. His wife also gave divorce to him. After that, he started to date a woman and joins a company Numis. After some month he started to earnings $46,000 per month. Now he advises the people and encourages them. in the field of network marketing success story, he is an inspiration. Do you want to more about him?

Jessica Higton:

After the divorce of Ray Higton, he started to date with Jessica Higton. Now they got married. Both of them had been started their career with Numis. After that Ray started to work on his website and giving the advice of network marketing. Jessica was her partner and she launched a project and started gathering people through Facebook. She had been made a blog on her website and update posts, videos, etc.

Erric Worre:

Erric Worre is a successful man in the network marketing field. He had been spent more than 30 years of his age. In his early life, his earning was $15 million. After the grown-up of his company, he became an advisor and distributor. The name of his company was ‘The Peoples Network’. He retired from his company as a distributor. ‘Go Pro – 7 steps’ is the most inspiring story of network marketing which he wrote. This book gains the award of six times the best sellers award in Amazon.

Donna Johnson:

Donna Johnson was the child of a single mother, who was a swimming teacher. She Johnson doesn’t have any college degree and started working at a network marketing company “Arbonne”. After working some time she started to earn more than $1 million per year and became the leader. From her earnings, she takes only a few and most of the earnings she used to donate for orphans in many other countries including India.

Mike Dillard:

If anyone wants to know the legendary personality of a network marketing Mike Dillard will be the first name. Forbes report says that Mike Dillard quickly became the number one seller of his company. His earnings were $50,000 per month. But he felt that he was earning more than his requirement. Later he moved on to another idea for making a motivational video that attracts people to network marketing. This business gives him the best revenue and now he is working on another project which will help the US people.

Jerry Scribner:

Jerry Scribner was a worker in a construction site company. But he was not satisfied with this job. He wants to earn more and joins a network company. After that, he became the top 12th employee of the company and started earning more than $850 million. Now he has one blog where he gives tips and motivational videos to encourage other peoples.

Rob Fore:

Rob was a poor man and slept on the roadside. He joins one network marketing company and every month he has to submit five figures amount. One interview said that Rob and his wife started hosting the lead generation websites. They started to participate in several network marketing programs and started a job for website business. Now he has more than 8000 distributors in his company.

Mike Sims

Another name of this field is Mike Sims. First, he was an employee of the finance sector. Then he feels that 9-5 job can’t give enough satisfaction which he deserves. Then he joined two network marketing companies and started working there. His earning was $500 million per year.

Dakota Mclaren:

Dakota Mclaren has an inspiring story of his life. He joined a network company when he was 19 and made a blog and started earning more than his requirement at the age of 20.

Margie Aliprandi:

She describes herself as a self-made millionaire. She was a single mother and a music teacher in her first life. Then she joined a network company named Neways International and became the best seller in the company. She has more than 250,000 thousand downline members in her distributors.    

Marcus Dahlgren:

Marcus Dahlgren, a successful person in the network marketing field who is gaining his popularity by using social media. At the end of his journey, he had more than 300,000 distributors under his supervision. In his network marketing journey, he was a food seller. He also offers coaching and motivational session for others to inspire them.  

Jackie Christiansen:

Before joining the network marketing business Jackie Christiansen was a nutritionist. When she joined the network business she has to sell products and quickly she became the top seller of that company. But in the year of 2012, the company bankrupt and she joined another network marketing business and there also became the top distributor. Now she provides motivational and inspirational videos and gives training to the youths.

Alexandra Laigle:

Laigle was a first Defense employee under the US govt. His success story is based on his wife. His wife started to sell different brands of clothes from her home. After then they started the business with many more consultants and their revenue became $80000. This was the bonus of their business.

Jordan Adler:

Jordan Adler’s story is different from other success stories. During his network marketing journey, he didn’t recruit any distributors. But still, he is earning more than $200 million. Gradually he has started increasing up to the $4000 million per year.

Rolf Kipp:

In the field of networking marketing, Rolf Kipp is one of the most top rankers we ever have known. He was a worker of FLP, i.e, forever living product. When the German people didn’t know about FLP, that time he joined and became a top ranker of that sales and marketing company.


Kim-Hui is a great personality in the direct selling business market in the network field. She proved herself through hard work and dedication to her work. In the market of MLM business world, she has been made herself a top ranker. Her income was $257 million throughout a year.

Brain McClure:

Another great personality of this field is Brain McClure. His success story is based on ‘Ambit’. Ambit is a company supplying retail energy in the market. When Brain was a college student he started to work on Ambit. At a very early age, he proves himself and makes him a successful person in this sales and marketing world. In later life, he became CEO of different companies.

Barry Chi and Holly Chen:

Barry Chi and Holly Chen is the idol person of Amway Corporation. They joined the company as a distributor and they were fully devotees to their passion. In the beginning, their journey was not smooth. They had to live away from their family for their job and gradually they expanded their business in many other cities.   

Rajiv Singh:

A great Indian leader is Rajiv Singh. He is also a successful person in the network marketing world and a top-ranked person in Modicare (Delhi). this person is an inspiration for many youths in this sales and direct business field.


All these persons are great in their network or chain business marketing world. All are great. we should read their network marketing success story.


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