ray higton

Ray Higton is another name on the network business success story. He has a great success story. In a massive crush of 2008 in the U.S he had lost everything. Even also he got divorced from her wife. After then he joined the ‘Numis’ network marketing company. After some month he got a big achievement in his profession.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is the best marketing strategy in our society at present. There are two types of network marketing. Chain system i.e, teamwork and the next one is a direct selling business. Teamwork is always a profitable work in this business strategy you will gain profit along with others also. But in case of direct selling, you will gain profit by single handily.  In this business market strategy, you have to increase your chain. When you increase your chain at that time you will gain profit. 


Gradually he becomes the best employee of his company. He got married with Jessica Higton. She was also the employee of this company. Ray Higton got the best selling books award author two times and also became the number one earner of that too.

His strategy:

After becoming a successful person of ‘Nimus’ he had started to gave lectures, strategies, etc. He also started to give the coaching class to the young. He had given so many motivational speeches to the students. In his later life he and his wife started to organize some reality show to motivate students.


He always give advises to the student o go forward whatever the situation. Whatever the situation you face you never break down yourself and never give up on that situation. Some people will misguide you to blaming the situation. You have to control yourself and set your mind and become cool so that you can concentrate on your focus and goal. He always advises to the people to make yourself more dedicated to your work.


Ray Higton is the legendary icon of the network marketing strategy. He is a role model of our society. Most of the young generation follow his strategy to their life so that they can also shine in their life. Always follow his strategy, his speeches, motivational thoughts, these are the best suggestions of everybody’s life.  


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