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Success is not a destination it’s all about a journey. We must really do hard work for getting success. Success can’t be achieved easily. Behind every successful person, there are many sad stories, some hardworking stories, etc. In our country, there are so many successful persons who become the iconic leader to all of us. Most of the young generation people follow then and want to be successful in their life also. Our country is the inspiration to all over the world for better thinking like Oyo rooms, Freecharge, Swiggy, Paytm, all the inventory ideas come from that icon. Today we will discuss some person’s success stories from our country. These are:

Ritesh Agarwal:

Success story

Ritesh Agarwal is one of the most successful business tycoons in India. He is a college dropout student. After his dropout, he started one business named Oravel Stays. It was a chain of business to business. After sometimes he realized that it can be the best business for travelers to book a hotel room anywhere and then he gave the name ‘Oyo rooms’. He started his business with 11 hotel rooms in Gurgaon hotel. Now Oyo room becomes a hub with 65000 rooms with 5500 properties in whole over India.

Sandeep Aggarwal:   

Sandeep Agarwal
Success story

Another successful man in our business world is Sandeep Aggarwal. We all know about Droom, it is an online commercial center from where we can purchase all the machinery vehicles like bicycles, bikes, superbikes, autos, etc. He is the co-founder of the is fully managed by Indian market policy. He is the legendary icon of the Indian market place since 2011.

Kunal Shah:

Kunal Shah Success story

Kunal Shah is one of the famous business role models in our country. We all know about Freecharge. Kunal Shah has actually belonged to a business family in South Mumbai. After his graduation, he joined with MBA. But he quitted his MBA and started to do a job in the BPO center. He refused to join his family business. His boss Sandeep Tandon noticed him and gave him the promotion of market head. Then he started his start-up with the help of Tandon and gradually it grows up. He is also the beginner of PaisaBack.

Azhar Iqbal:

Azhar Iqbal Success story

When we search about success stories in India we found the Azhar Iqbal in the top-ranked list. He is also a college dropout student. He was in the final year when he introduced an application named ‘news in short’. The main motto of this app is to make news within 60 words. Lengthy news is not interesting to all of us. Initially, he started it through a Facebook page, but now it becomes a hub of a news publication.  Now he is earning more than 24 Crores in Indian currency.

Shridhar Vembu:

Sridhar Vembu Success story

We all know about Zoho. Sridhar Vembu is the main person behind this Zoho. Zoho contains all the online work activities like spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, database, customer relationship management, note-taking, other applications, etc. Mr. Vembu started his journey with another company named AdvetNet.Inc a network-based product seller. It was not so popular after that he started with Zoho.  

Vijay Shekhar Sharma:

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma belongs to a small town, a college pass out students started his first start-up ‘XS- communication’ it works on the content management system. He is the founder of ‘Paytm’, which gives lots of success to him. First of all, no one trusts him for this ‘Paytm’, even he couldn’t find any investor also. Later he invests more than 2Mn dollar from his earning and now he is an iconic leader and his ‘Paytm’ gains the highest popularity in the market.

Phanindra Sama:

Phanindra Sama

Phanindra Sama is the founder of RedBus. It is the best way to book your bus tickets before traveling. Phanindra Sama has been made this application because due to notorious traffic in Bangalore he couldn’t go home. After this issue, he found some ideas and make this possible for everyone who stays out of their home. It is the best way to book tickets possible for everyone. RedBus had been launched in the year of 2014 and now it gives the challenge to Uber. Uber is now so popular to all but before Uber RedBus was the only option for all people.

Nandan Reddy:

Nandan Reddy

Swiggy is the most favorite option for all of us. We all are a foodie. Now, most of the ladies do work staying away from home. For them always cooking at home is not possible. Swiggy gives us the best solution to order food from where you are staying. Nandan Reddy is a legendary person who brings the idea of Swiggy. Now Swiggy is the first option to all of us for ordering food from anywhere. Swiggy is now everywhere in our country. It becomes so popular throughout the country, we are thankful to Nandan Reddy for making such kinds of things.


Above mention, all the person are having a great personality. Most of the people make them an icon, role model, in their life for their success stories. They all make us proud as an Indian. They also have been spread their business to other foreign countries also. We should follow their success stories.


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