YouTube is an America based video sharing platform. YouTube is the best platform for earning money for our young generation. Most of the people have been made this platform is the one and only way to earn money. Nowadays when we search for YouTube we can see many more video channels, music channels, many more. YouTube is the platform for all types of solutions from educational purposes to any type of solution we all are dependent on YouTube so blindly.

How we can earn money from YouTube?

Most people open a YouTube channel to gain popularity or they want to show their talents throughout the world. For this, you first have to open a channel. This is the first opportunity to earn something. For money earning you have to manage your YouTube account so well and have to monetize your account. From this option, you can join YouTube partners and also the premium programs.

There are so many steps for earning money from YouTube:

First Step:

Forbes list provides lots of millionaires and their subscriber list. But along subscriber list is necessary for making money. Your amount of earning will be based on the number of subscribers list and how many people are following you. They also see the level of engagement of people with you. They will verify your revenue channels.

Second Step:

The best step of earning money is you have to increase your audience level. If you follow the top 10 YouTube earners you will see that their audience level is much longest. The first lookout their audience. When the audience level reaches the mark they focus on their merchandise base. If you also want to make money you should follow the rules of making an audience level.

How you can make your audience level high?

There are varieties of ways to make your audience level high. You have to pay a look at your product which is more attractive or not, branding the quality of your channel. You have to pay more attention to some following steps:

1. Range of age: your maximum audience range should befall on some specific age limits.

2. YouTube can follow your subscribers based on gender subscription. Every detail of your audience you can see on YouTube.

3. You can see the geographic location of your audience level. From which countries or which place they belong to.

4. When you generate multiple revenues it will help you to monetize your audience level.

How YouTube help you to earn money from advertisements?

YouTube Partner Program will help you to make money from advertisements. If you can’t make any video or any content you can join the YouTube Partner Program and the vital step is monetization. For monetization, you have to hit the subscriber range up to 1000 and watch a total hour of up to 4000 over a year.

How you can monetize your account?

1. You have to sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Click on your account icon.

3. Click on the YouTube studio.

4. Go the left menu option, select the features and click on monetization.

5. Click on the option that you agree with each term and policies of the YouTube Partner Program.

6. Make your own AdSense account and connect it to your YouTube channel.

7. Set your preferences for monetization.

After completing all the steps go to the home page and press on the analytic button on the left side then you will see your generated revenue, monthly estimated revenue also.

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YouTube is the best platform for making money. You can have all the possible ways to earn money through YouTube. You may get other options like YouTube Paid version, selling products, etc many more. But YouTube has so many constraints to make money which is not so easy. If you try continuously you will succeed and will be a billionaire one day.


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