Motivational Speaker

One of the topmost motivational speakers in India is TS Madaan. He has experience of 39 years in the market. TS Madaan has an energetic and enthusiastic mind. His amazing spontaneity, clear thoughts and penetrative mind can encourage all the people along with the young generation makes more energetic. His seminar, class sessions help the youth generation and also make them vigorous. He gives lectures on Human relationships, Behaviour, Positive thinking, self-confidence, emotion controlling, how to control stress, anger management, time management, etc.

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Early Carrier:

He was born in a highly educated family in the year of 14th November 1958.  His powerful and intellective voice makes his session so valuable. His whole seminar session is full of funny but informative and educative. He has clients up to a large number like pharmacy, life insurance, banking, direct selling, retail, real estate, IT, etc. When he gives a lecture he mixes up both language Hindi and English. He gives his lecture for more than 3 hrs. He trained himself own as an educator, life coach, and also motivator. T A Madaan also teaches himself as a motivational speaker.

His fan following list is enough long. From a singer to a doctor, an actor, a painter, a blood donor all are his fans. He also got an invitation from most of the TV shows like how to control your anger, Patient-Doctor Relationships, how to develop your personality. He is the author of a book named “Asafalta Ka Tyag”. It is also a motivational book. He is the president of various clubs and associations. His speaking style is so unique that gives the best respect to him as a Keynote speaker.  

His Achievement:

He prepares all the concerned paper as per audiences need expectations, interest, and as well as their concern. He advises the people for being loyal, dedicated, and concentrate your work, focus on your goal, etc. T S Madaan also receives the award of ‘President of India Medal’ from the Rashtrapati. He receives the award for his contribution to the industrial growth in our market for ‘Udyog Ratan’. He also receives the certificate of Excellent Management from the Govt.


One of the famous motivational speakers in India is T S Madaan. With having more than 35 years of experience he is giving lectures, seminars, workshops, training to the youths. He also gives speeches on educational lectures, motivational series, etc.


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