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Dr. Vivek Bindra:

One of the most famous motivational speakers is Dr. Vivek Bindra. Dr. Bindra is recognized as an electrifying motivational speaker. He is also a leadership consultant of so many organizations. He is renowned as a business coach. Dr. Bindra has 10.5 million fan followers and it is increasing 10 – 15 k per day. He has 600 million viewers on YouTube per day. Baba business one of the most popular and progressive organization, Dr. Bindra is the co-founder and CEO of this organization. Baba Business empowers all the small startups to grow up their business and make it a big project.

The early life of Dr. Vivek Bindra:

Dr. Vivek Bindra was born on 5th April 1978 in Delhi. Dr. Bindra in his childhood he belongs to a poor family. At a very early age he started his struggling and today he is a successful man. He completed his graduation and then went for an MBA. Then he joined Amity business school, Delhi to pursue his Ph.D. degree. He noticed that 90% of business organization fails in India due to lack of proper implementation of business strategy. One day his teacher gave him the best novel Shri Mad Bhagwat Gita, which makes him strong from inside.

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Later Life:

After his education, he joined as a CEO trainer, consultant, and inspirational speaker. He never felt the love of both parents, because his father has died at an early age and then his mother again got marriage. At his company’s first two years he had no clients. Later he got his clients and made a YouTube channel. But there was also a problem. His video session was in the English medium. Maximum people don’t understand English so he had no followers and no subscribers. After that, he made all the lectureship videos, presentations, all these things in the Hindi medium. Then he started to gain popularity, subscribers, and followers also.

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Journey of Baba Business:

He is called the father of Baba Business. Baba business has been launched all the problem-solving matter about your business strategy. He has a total of 350 employees in his Delhi office. 500 business consultancy he is also running whole over the country with 150 channel partners.

His achievement:

He received the award of Game changer by the Economic Times in the year of 2019

Received the award of Educational entrepreneur, 2019

Received the award of the Best coach in India by the Times of India.

Best trainer of Maruti Sezuki.

Best Motivational speaker award, 2019.


Dr. Vivek Bindra is a legendary person in India. You can also follow his YouTube channels and lecture session to improve your business growth.


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