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An India – American author Dr. Deepak Chopra is a great motivational speaker in the whole world. He has written so many books and also has many motivational videos for the young generation people. Dr. Chopra is an expert in healing our stress and also a renowned speaker. He had invents the alternative herbal medicine against the allopathic.

Early life:

Dr. Deepak Chopra was born on 22 Oct 1947. He was from New Delhi. His father was a great cardiologist. His family member wants him should join his father’s profession. But he wants to be a journalist at his early carrier. But later he joined the All India Institute of Medical Science and took admission as a student in the medicine department. After completing his education Dr. Chopra has decided to go to the U.S and he went to Boston and started working there as a doctor. But due to his dedication to his work gave him the fame and he became the chief of medicine department there.

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 Later Life:

Dr. Chopra was well settled there, but what happened gradually he became the disenchanted with his profession. He suddenly became the drug-addicted. Dr. Chopra also started to smoke and drink.  He was very unhappy at that time. He always gives treatments to that kind of patient of demanding, drug-addicted and unhappy. His colleagues have also remained stressed and addicted.

He was fond of reading books. One day he was reading a book transcendental medicine and it was the turning point of his life. He meets with the transcendental medicine guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. With his inspiration, Chopra quit his job and started doing experiments on herbal medicine. He tied up with a company of producing herbal tea and oils etc. After that Dr. Chopra had been opened some clinics and helped the people. In this way he became popular like Michael Jackson and Donna Karan, who was a fashion designer. He also finally became the executive director for human potential, body/mind medicine.


Dr. Chopra got his international success for his book ‘Quantum Healing’.  This book also receives the best award of the best decent books. Gradually Chopra became the celebrity in society. When the thinking of start-up has come to India Dr. Chopra was one of the famous living legends to all of the people. He was an inspiration to the young generation people.


Dr. Chopra is now a motivational speaker, inspiration to all of the people. Till now he has written a total of 86 books. Among these 14 has received the best seller awards.     


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