Motivational speakers in India

Yogesh Chabria the great motivational speaker is the living legend of the Business world. More than 2 years he was the god to the young generation who wants to do a startup for his carrier. He has a fan following above the 30 million people throughout the world. He has given so many lectures, seminars, programs and also has written several books for the businessmen for all types. Most of us know that the business world Happionaire, Yogesh Chabria’s company and he is the founder of this Happionaire. He has spread more than 1000 different companies across the whole world.

His Childhood:

In spite of being a motivational speaker, he is also an author. He spent his childhood in Mumbai. He completes his graduation from Mumbai University. Mr. Chabria has changed the lifestyle of many people through his lectures and seminars. He can discover the inner strength of people and also can push it. So, you wish to do your task more efficiently. Yogesh Chabria also teaches us to overcome fears and weak points.

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Early Life:

Yogesh Chabria has a very tough life story. He used to sell toys at the age of 5 years. After that when he was in school he used to sold cosmetics and clothes. At the age of 16, he started door to door selling business. In each and every step he faced lots of problems and also got rejections. One day someone chased him by pushing a dog behind him when he was doing his work. On the next day, he took some dog biscuits with him and that incident made him strong.

His carrier:

He conducted his first seminar when he was at the age of 21. At that program, he had only 5 audiences. Now he has secured his place among the top list of the popular motivational speakers in India. He organizes so many lectures, seminar programs, and so many business development programs.

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His awareness program:

He has been organized many awareness program on some of the major topic like IT giants, pharmacy, Healthcare, Insurance sector, High Technology, wellness majors, Direct selling marketing strategy, automobile industry, fastest-growing network services, all beneficiary sessions he has organized and motivate people not to be frustrated and work individuals work more eventually.

His achievements:

He receives a felicitation program at Mumbai University for becoming a business leader in this world. He also received the ‘Techfest Award’ in IIT Bombay and many more.


Maharashtra Govt. award.

E-Summit award from IIT Madras.

Tryst Award from IIT Delhi.

The Best motivational speaker in India.

Bestseller award.


Yogesh Chabria is a legendary icon of the recently growing business world. We all follow his success story and strategy to overcome our fear and weak points.  


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