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Sandeep Agarwal is a serial entrepreneur in today’s Indian Market. He is the co-founder and CEO of the ‘Droom’. ‘Droom’ is an online solution for buying and selling automobile equipment – like car, scooters, bike, vintage scooters, vintage cars, superbikes, etc. Sandeep Agarwal has been started his journey with Droom in April 2014. We also know the most famous name Sandeep Agarwal is also the ever best thinker and founder of this is the best online market strategy in the Indian market.

The journey of Sandeep Agarwal:

A delegated business investor, philanthropist, and also an internet visionary Sandeep Agarwal made himself as a business tycoon of ‘Droom’. In the year of 2011, has become the first and comfortable manageable market in the Indian market. gave him the best fame in the country. Gradually it becomes the 5th Unicorn the whole country. He was also a great investor for digital India, entrepreneurialism, startups and also for different fundraising.

Visionary Part:

He is the best educator of Artificial Intelligence and data science. Data science is the best trending subject in the recent software marketing strategy. Mr. Agarwal has a great vision on this subject and increased his business journey up to the mark. Today we are running through the 21st century and in this century he made himself a billionaire.

Journey of

We all know that Mr. Agarwal is the best thinker of Later he sold his business market to the Singapore e-commerce company in 2013. After that, he also got the charge of DOJ Department of Justice and also become chief Executive Officer of DOJ. In the year of 2013, he became the Wall Street analyst of the Security Exchange Commission (SEC).

The journey of Droom:

One of the fourth largest e-commerce companies in the Indian Market is ‘Droom’. It has been sold 80% share of his business in the Singapore e-commerce company. Sandeep Agarwal himself reaches his business not only in the country he has also been spread his business across the world.


Sandeep Agarwal is the living legend of our country. He is also an inspiration to the young generation. Most people follow his articles and motivational story to grow their business. He has many sessions on YouTube Channel, a success story on the internet that can motivate us.          


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