Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah is a founder of Freecharge and Snapdeal. He is also the CEO of the Freecharge. He was born in the year 1983, 20th May in an Entrepreneurial family. Kunal Shah was an MBA drop out student. Though he belongs to a business family, their family business was in South Bombay of pharmaceutical distribution.

Early Life:

Kunal Shah is a graduate student in the subject of Philosophy from Wilson College. Before dropping out of his MBA degree he joined Narsee Monjee Institute of management. At his early carrier, he was a junior programmer designer at TIS international. His first startup was a Paisaback in the year of 2009. He was an employee of the “Tandom advance device Pvt. Ltd”. Basically “Tandom advance device Pvt. Ltd” was a health insurance and also an accounts payable company. He was an employee there for 10 years. When he was in Paisaback he tried to tie up with several MNC’s like McDonald’s, Croma, Dominos, Barista Coffee, etc for increasing his business growth.

Later Life:

When he was working at the “Tandom advance device Pvt. Ltd” he got an idea of another business.  One less conventional business method that he introduced a new method in the Indian business market. He started a business with the partnership of Sandeep Tandon. Sandeep Tandon was a great investor in his BPO company. Mr. Shah and Sandeep Tandon make their outsourcing up to a thousand plus in the year of 2011. After some time their company raised up to the limit of $120 million. For his company growth, another company Sequoia Capital has been donated a lump sum amount of $3 million.     

His Career:

Kunal Shah started his career at his very early age. At the year of 2010, he started his career with FreeCharge company. Gradually he had been spread up his company in several cities and in the year 2015, his company’s outsource was approximately $400 million.


Business Tycoon Kunal Shah had been faced so many challenges in his career life. Venture capital industry claimed that his recharge business is a bad idea because he sets a low margin in his business strategy and also his suppliers also least. Kunal Shah’s business idea not that much respected to others.


Kunal Shah is a current business tycoon in the Indian market strategy. He has many business sessions on his YouTube channel and also his business book. There are various types of e-books of important knowledge. Every young generation follows his ideas and makes hi as a role model of their life.


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