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Shiv Khera is also another great motivational speaker in India. He is a founder of the country’s first foundation organization and also launched a new movement against the caste-based reservation system in India. He also contested in the country’s general election of 2009.

Quick Facts (Shiv Khera):

Name: Shiv Khera

Date of Birth: 1961, 23rd august.

Nationality: Indian

Early Life:

Shiv Khera belonged to a business family. His family business was to operate in coal mines. But at an early age, he was a car washer, a life insurance agent, and also a franchise operator. He had also worked in the United States for some years, at that time he has attended one lecture session of Norman Vincent Peale. From that session, he changed himself and became a motivated person and advised all to follow Peale’s motivational speech.

Books Published (Shiv Khera):

Mr. Khera published his first book in 1998, the name of book was ‘You Can Win’ and Hindi it was ‘Jeet Aapki’. Another most relevant books which he authored are ‘Living With Honor’, ‘Freedom is not free’ and also ‘You can sell’.

When he published his book ‘Freedom is Not Free’ there was a mass controversy about that book. A retired civil servant Amrita Lal claimed that khera has copied the content of the book from Mr. Amrita Lal’s book. Khera was not concerned about that later he noticed that some of the jokes, quotes, anecdotes are present in the same books. Mr. Khera confesses that he was unaware of this and go for an out-of-court settlement. Later he donated all the settlement price to a charity.


Khera is the founder of first Indian organization which is willing to provide freedom by education and justice. He joined politics in 2004 and independently fought from the South Delhi Constituency. Again he joined Rashtravadi Samanta Party.


He was the best motivational speaker in India. He had faced so many struggles from childhood until become successful. Shiv Khera is also a great icon in his political journey. He has also worked with Mr. Lal Krishna Advani in the Indian Parliament.  


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