Earn money from home

In this modern world of technology, there are many ways to earn money sitting at home. Various sites and apps are there which will offer you tasks and pay you money. In this article, I will mention 10 best ways to earn money from home


Freelancing is another amazing way of earning money from home. Various websites are available that offer different types of freelancing tasks. Based on your skills you can choose the work that you want to do. Websites like freelancing.com, fiverr.com, and others offer freelancing tasks


You can start teaching students at your home. Or you can start teaching students online. There are many online platforms like urbanpro.com, vedantu.com, tutor.com and many others, where you can sign up and connect to a wide number of students across the world.


YouTube is an excellent platform for making money at home. For this, create a channel on YouTube. Make videos and upload them on your channel.  You can make videos on any subject like fitness, cooking, comedy, technical, reviews or any other subject of your choice. You will start earning money after the growth of your subscribers. The payment is made on the basis of every thousand views

Start own website:

One can earn a large amount of money from his own website. You have to publish good content regularly to attract visitors. After you sign up for Google ad sense, you will earn money based on the clicks on an ad by the visitors. The more the visitors on your website, the more you will earn

Affiliate Marketing:

It is another way of earning money using your website. Join affiliate marketing in companies like Flipkart, Amazon and more. Then insert links of their products on your site. You will earn money if any visitors buy any products by clicking such buying links on your site.

Online Reselling:

It is an excellent way of earning money sitting at home. There is an app called meesho, which has various products. You have to download the app and share the products with your family and friends on Whatsapp. If anyone wants to buy that product, then you have to place the order and set your profit margin. You will get your profit margin in your bank account within 10 days. Thus you can earn money easily with meesho app

Data entry:

There are various websites that offer data entry work. You will require internet connectivity, computer and typing speed for this work. You just have to enter the details with concentration. With data entry, you can earn Rs 300 to Rs 1,500 per hour

Social Media:

Besides interaction with your friends on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) you can also earn money on this platform. For increasing the popularity of products, some companies pay strategists for social media. For that, you have to upload creative photos or videos regularly to gain a huge number of followers. Earning money on social media needs patience and dedication


You can earn money if you know a language other than English. There are various freelancing websites offering translation projects. You will be given a document in English, and you e to translate it to the required language. You can earn Rs 1 to Rs 10 per word

Surveys and reviews:

Some websites are there that will offer you money for undergoing online surveys, writing your reviews on products. But be careful in choosing the sites because some sites providing such type of work can be spam. So do not disclose any personal details before knowing if the site is genuine or not

Conclusion: So these are 10 ways of earning money from home. I hope this article will you and you will start making money soon



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