To get success in your life you have to decide what to do. Set a deadline take and make an action to your plan, do something every day to get success.Getting success is not easy you have to go through many ups and downs. However here you will find 12 major rules for a successful life.

These are:

1. Live purposefully:

In order to achieve your dreams, you have to start live in yourself. You have to set yourself and if you feel bore just dream about your future and start planning with yourself. Try to do things in your free time which makes you happy.

2. Find your passion:

Before you achieve the success you have to define what success means to you also you have to realize what you want in your life. It might take some time but Identify your value, interests, and values also, what makes you happy and what you like to do, all these things will help you to focus on your path.

3. Set your goal:

Make a list of some goals it can be a financial goal, relationship goal, personal goal, Career goal for the betterment of yourself. Goals are miserable which will help to get success. If your goal is to see the world you can set your goal bigger.

4. Stick to your commitment:

Only planning is not sufficient, Making commitment or your words are major important things to get a successful life. If you cant do then don’t give a commitment to others because you will lose your importance if you do not stick to your words.

5. Be Educated:

Educate yourself enough, learn various books, and have enough knowledge to compete for any exam and you can achieve your success. Just don’t study forsake study for your pleasure, enjoy studying when you will find the happiness you will get interested in any subject.

6. Manage your finance:

Learn to set your financial stability with time. Keep a record of the expense and if not necessary then don’t spend. Invest accordingly, Save your money don’t waste it because for the future and to get anything you have to have money and savings.

7. Manage your Time:

Use timmer to settle your works. Divide your works with time. Use a planner to complete your work. Set reminders to complete each work. Make a list of the things which you need to complete within the time.

8. Follow the Opportunity:

Good opportunity comes in everyone’s life. If you have a chance work hard to get this opportunity. Some changes only come once you can’t lose them. You have to get rid of some commitment to achieve this opportunity.

9. Surround with Positive People:

Make friends with those who can inspire you instead of those who cant see your success. Positive people will help you to grow and get your success. Look for mentors in friends who can guide you in any way.

10. Take care of your Health:

A healthy body needs a healthy mind. Find out if you are facing any health issues and contact your doctor. Because you have to be fit then your mind can focus on your goal.

11. Set Boundaries:

Don’t accept abuse from anyone. Being a good person doesn’t mean you will accept disrespect and violence from others. Listen to your loved ones, Set boundaries so that you will get many enemies in your path.

12. Don’t compare your life with others:

Comparing your life with others will not help you anyway. Some people compare their life with others to measure their lifestyles. Because there are many people who are homeless so its better if you don’t compare and stay happy with what you have.


The above-mentioned tips are the best tips to get success and a happy life. If anyone doesn’t know the success rules can get an idea of how to be successful then just go through with this article.


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