Low investment business ideas

It is very exciting to start a business. But maximum businesses required money, time and have risks. In this article, we have mentioned some low investment business ideas that you can start from a laptop sitting at your home. Read on the article to know what skills and how much efforts you require to start those businesses


YouTube is the most amazing platform to earn using a laptop. Just create innovative videos on any topic like entertainment, music, education, motivation or any other. Upload videos on YouTube regularly.

Graphic Design

Low investment business ideas

Graphic Designers have huge demand all over the world. If you have knowledge in graphic designing, you can provide design services to client at a great price

Mobile App Designing

Mobile apps are in a great demand in various companies. Both developers and designers are required in companies for creating an app. If you have knowledge in mobile app designing, you can provide services to top companies

Copy Writing

There are millions of websites across the world that requires content continuously. If you are good at writing, you can write blogs in websites as guest authors.


Low investment business ideas

If you have a good command in English language, you can edit articles and can earn even more than writers. There are a plenty of freelance editing jobs in LinkedIn to earn money from the comfort of your home


Blogging is an excellent way of earning money sitting at home. The only thing you need to do is publishing creative content on your websites and doing the SEO to attract thousands of visitors on your site per day

Affiliate Marketing

Low investment business ideas

If you want to make your living by blogging, then affiliate marking is another source of income for you. Various Ecommerce websites provide this opportunity. Just you have to share their products link on your blog. You will earn every time your visitors click on that link.

Web Development

If you are a pro in programming language, then you can provide website related services to people. It is a business with zero investment

Fitness Training

Low investment business ideas

One of the best Low investment business ideas is online gym training. If you are a fitness freak and have basic knowledge about different types of exercises. You can open a fitness website and provide online gym classes from the comfort of your home using a laptop

Start Online food service

If you are good at cooking and have experience in making variety of food items, Open a website and add the pictures of your food items on that site. Share the link of your site on social media platforms and hire some delivery boys who can take the food to your customers home

Start Online Fashion Boutique

Low investment business ideas

If you have a little style sense and you find interest in fashion, then you can start an online fashion boutique. This requires only the curating of items in your online store from other vendors. It is an amazing low investment business ideas

Sell Homemade Products online

If you are an expert in making DIY products like pottery, bamboo items, candles, soaps, sauces etc. Then after making them, take the pictures ad share on social media.


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