Top 10 Network Marketing Company In India In 2019


Here listed top 10 network marketing companies in India. I listed all the companies as the basis of their revenue. (Calculated in 2007)

# Amway:

Amway is a respected branded company in India. It’s a direct selling company. Amway’s clients regularly get genuinely joined to the firm as the items and the organization’s way of life has been displayed largely. This network marketing company or MLM Company earned over 9.5 Billion dollars in 2015. Earning sources only direct selling marketing all over the world. And in 2018 they earned over 8.8 billion dollars. 

This company is the most successful MLM or network marketing company in the USA. Their some popular products are Nutrilite, Away Queen and many more. Amway came to India in 1998. This company started selling its bran purifiers and many products like health, cleanliness and beauty products.

Company Details:
Total Revenue Only India:
1800 crores

Founders: Jay Van Andel, Richard DeVos.
Office In India: Plot Number: 8, Non-Hierarchical Centre, Elegance Tower, On the ground floor, Jasola, New Delhi.
Founded: Nov 1959.
Main Head Quarters: United States, Michigan, Ada Township.


This is a US-Based MLM or Network marketing company, Started in 1989 by Mark Hughes. In 2019, this company start growing, their selling product categories are nutrition, skincare, health supplements, protein powder or veg foods. This company has 32 lack of distributors all over the world. In 1999 this company came to India in 1999 and it’s speedily expended. Worldwide this company generated over 4.43 billion dollars in 20017. This company started HFF or Herbalife family foundation for children’s nutrition. 

Revenue in India: 1,519 cores.
Company Started: 1980.
Co. Founders: Mark R. Hughes.
Office in India: Karnataka, Bengaluru, Commissariat Road, No.14 Pardanani Wilshire.


This company is a well-known company in India as the Cosmetics industry. This company was founded in Switzerland in 1967 and their offing product categories was skincare and health care products. 

Revenue in India: 1,500 Crores.
Started: 1967
Co. Founders: Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick.
Main Headquarters: Switzerland, Schaffhausen.
Office In India: New Delhi, Part-ii South Extension, Ground Floor, M-10

#MI Lifestyle:

This is an Indian MLM company, Headquarters in Chennai. This is one of the top MLM companies in the Indian market in 2019. This company’s selling product categories is health care product, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle products.  This company is a member of FDSA and FICCI.

This Company Founded: March 2013
Total Revenue In India: 1200 corers.
Main Headquarters: India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai
Office Address: T. Nagar, Lanco HouseNo.25 2nd floor, G. N> Chetty Road.
Co. Founders: Kolla Sathya Narayana, Hakeem Abdul Rahim, and Manmohan Sing Kishore Kumar.


Avon is the world’s most popular company. This company sells personal care and beauty products.

Revenue in India: 750 Cores,
Headquarters: UK, London,
Started: In 1886
Office in India: Gurgaon, Faridabad, Dwal Pahari, Sector 2, Paras Trade Centre 401.

Company’s CEO: Jan Zijderveld.


Vestige is another popular MLM  or Multi-Level Marketing company in India, 2014. This is an ISO 9001-2015 certified MLM company in all over India.  This company selling product categories are Homecare, Health Food, Oral Care, Air Purifier and Health supplements. This company also operates multi-brands, like Zeta, Assure, Ayusante, Truman and many more.

Generated Revenue In India:

Revenue In India: 679 crores. Main Headquarters: New Delhi, India.
Office India: New Delhi, Okhla Industrial Area phase, A-89
Started time: 2004,
Founders: Kanwar Bir Singh, Goutam Bali, and Deepak Sood.

#Forever Living Products:

Forever living products also known as FLPI this are another MLM company. This company mostly sells Aloe vera drinks, cosmetics products.

Revenue in India: 500 Crores.
Office Address: Hill Road, Bandra (west) The Silver Mist,74, Forever Plaza.
Founded: 1978
Headquarters: US, Arizona, Scottsdale.
Co. Founders: Rex Maughan.


This is an Indian company and they are working from 1973. They mostly sales home care products, wellness, skincare, beverages, and food. Modicare also manufactures e-vapes.

Total Generated revenue In India: 259 crores
Co. Founders: Krishan Kumar Modi.
Headquarters: Delhi, New Delhi, India.
Founded: 1973 July.Office Address: New Delhi, Community Centre,5, New friends colony.


This is another direct selling company in India. Their selling products are garments, cosmetics, grocery items, etc.

Revenue In India: 700 crores
Headquaters: Rajastan India, Bilwara.
Office Address: Rajasthan India, Bhilwara, RIICO Growth center, SPL 6.
Founders: Tilok Chhabra Chand.


This company is from the United States in 1999. The company selling products personal care, natural ingredients, gym supplements, etc.

Generated Revenue in India: N/A
Started On: 1972
Main Headquarters: US, Orem, Utah.
Indian Office: Mumbai, Maharashtra, Maharshi Karve Road, fifth floor, 77/79  Kimatrai building.
Founders: Stewart Hughes.

Conclusion: Here I listed 10 most popular companies all over the world. This all information taken from internet sources after deep research. Network marketing most of the people known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Network Marketing is a business plan and its person to person sales by Individualistic Agent, also work from home. An MLM business may expect you to build your network of marketing partners or sales reps to help with lead age and close deals.


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